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Alfa Travel is a well established tourist agency based in the beautiful seaside resort of Tolo, at the south eastern side of the Peloponnese region.

The Peloponnese is the Southernmost part of mainland Greece and took its name from the ancient Mycenaean king Pelops. The stunning landscape varies from high mountains to deep valleys, from dense forests to rich farmed land, small villages, isolated monasteries and beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue water.

The Peloponnese is divided into seven administrative areas, which mirror their ancient counterparts:
Argolis, Corinth, Arcadia, Achaia, Elis, Messenia, Laconia.
Her myth, legend and history meld Agamemnon and the House of Atreus, Helen of Troy, Jason and the Argonaut Hercules, LeonÚdas and the 300 Spartans. At Corinth and more places ancient Greece with Christian Greece by St. Paul visiting and preaching. Following these ancient figures through the dramatic landscape can be an exciting adventure. Of all the areas, Argolis is the most fertile often referred to, as The Garden of Greece. Here amongst the glorious orchards, nestled into a hillside overlooking a gorgeous bay, is the village of Tolo.
Originally a small fishing village, Tolo has expanded to share its famous hospitality with visitors from all over the world. According to local tradition Onassis was responsible for the first influx of visitors when he would moor his famous yacht in the sparkling waters at the local taverns.

Only 140 km. from Athens and an easy 2hr drive, Tolo is a favorite destination for both local and overseas visitors. The protected bay, with its sandy beach and warm shallow waters, provides the essentials for a summertime holiday - a chance to kick back, relax, work on a tan and try water sports. For those who want to explore, experience the wonders of the area and absorb the history, there are excellent choices. We feel proud to be located in Tolo of Peloponnese.
Alfa Travel is a well established family run tourist agency. Babis and Sofia head up the agency and have been working in the tourist industry for many years. Their knowledge and experience will help you enjoy the best of Tolo and they can introduce you to the surrounding area with day trips to explore nearby archeological sites. The agency has its own tourist coaches with experienced and helpful drivers.

Highly qualified staff of our company, all speaking English and more languages will do their best to helpful to any requests. Do not hesitate to contact our agency for any reservation request you may need or any information for your travel in Greece.

Sales and Marketing: Sofia Spiropulu
Transport Director: Babis Kolliopulos
Excursion Manager: Mariana Kolliopoulou